Educational Materials

This chart lists over 100 recreational drugs, organized by mechanism of action. The desired effects and side effects of each drug are described, along with any legitimate medical uses.
Also available in PDF (printable) format
This chart lists 9 important neurotransmitters, and outlines the effects of each. Notable drugs that increase and decrease each neurotransmitter are also listed.
I recommend many of these movies to my students, because they all contain accurate depictions of drug use. I personally hate spoilers, so all of the sensative information such as plot summaries and what drugs appear in each film is hidden unless you click on it.

Materials From My Class, ES.S10: Drugs and the Brain (DATB)

This is the home page from my class. It includes links and fun 3-minute quizzes.
This archive contains materials from my Spring 2013 class.
This page contains all the lecture notes and study materials from my Spring 2010 class.